How does MaxiGeoloc localization work?

  1. . Sending the tracking link with the phone number :

    Once registered, send a personalised message containing the tracking link. If the receiver clicks on the link, the mobile phone will be instantly located.

  2. . Mobile phone location :

    Once the person clicks on this small tracking link inserted after the SMS, the person is redirected to their main browser which will locate the phone as soon as the tab is opened.

  3. . Positioning the Mobile displayed on a map

    You receive an e-mail notification with the exact location of the searched phone displayed on a map as soon as the recipient has given consent by clicking on the tracked link.

Why choose Maxigeoloc?

Advanced geolocation technology

The service uses satellite data to obtain the GPS coordinates of the mobile phone. The position is therefore very precise and almost instantaneous.

Android and iPhone compatible

You can locate an Android as well as an iPhone from the platform. The response time is the same. We also provide a detailed tutorial on other ways to locate a laptop for both operating systems.

48 hour trial offer

With, you get 48 hours to test the service for only 0,50€. You will be able to access the tutorials, your geolocation history and thus benefit from the lost and stolen mobile phone assistance.

Compatible with all networks

We use a location service that works with all mobile operators and even those abroad. Just select the right country in the phone number field.

Up to 150 geolocation requests per month

With, you can send 5 tracking links per day or 150 SMS per month. This gives you the possibility to locate several phones, whether for private or professional use.

Secure and anonymous geolocation

The data we collect is totally secure and anonymous. The recipient will not know who is trying to locate him/her, all in compliance with the obligations of the CNIL.